New Law Prohibits Vessels From Operating Digital Billboards In NY Waters

Chautauqua Lake Stock Image.

ALBANY – A bill singed into law Tuesday by New York State’s Governor prohibits vessels from operating digital billboards while in navigable waters.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo says the new law gives local governments the ability to ban vessels equipped with digital billboards from operating, anchoring or mooring within 1,500 feet from the shore.

“These floating billboards are a nuisance that blight our shores and distract from the great natural beauty of our waterways,” Governor Cuomo said. “This action will help make our waters more enjoyable and safer for everyone.”

Cuomo said ships equipped with digital billboards may still operate along the shore as long as the billboards are shutoff.

A digital billboard is a type of sign that uses flashing, intermittent or moving lights to display images or text.


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