Experts Give Back To School Route Tips

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JAMESTOWN – Summer vacation is coming to an end and that means a new routine for children heading back to school.

“Making changes in your routine requires a very conscious effort and realizing it’s going to take a few weeks of it being kind of difficult as you’re getting into these kinds of habits but being very consistent is the key to doing it,” said Dr. Stephanie Walsh with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Summer bedtimes tend to be later. To change that, Walsh says start sending your child to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier every few days leading up to the first day of school.

Although, she warns it could take up to two weeks to change your child’s sleep pattern.

“So, if they’re going to bed at midnight and you really want them in bed at 10 you have to think about how long that’s going to take and start that process ahead of time,” Walsh explained.

Breakfast, another important part of the back to school routine, making sure your child eats each morning will help them focus throughout the day.

While going back to school can be stressful, Walsh says patience will help make it painless as possible.

Jamestown Public Schools return to class Thursday along with many other districts in our area.

Jamestown Public School official’s remind parents that through a partnership with New York State district breakfast and lunch are served at no charge to students. To learn more head to the school’s website.


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