City Council Candidate Hosting Neighborhood Improvement Project

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JAMESTOWN – A City of Jamestown resident running for city council is gearing up for a meet and greet event this weekend where he aims to fix up one of his neighbor’s homes.

Republican Candidate for Jamestown City Council Ward 5 Grant Olson told WNYNewsNow he hopes to hear from his neighbors while doing some good by fixing up a nearby house.

“I love my neighborhood, I am very connected with my neighbors and I feel like that has been something that was lost over the years,” said Olson. “I thought we could get some other neighbors out to help and volunteer, bring everybody together.”

Olson is running against incumbent Democrat Councilwoman Maria Jones in this fall’s election.

The candidate says if elected he hopes to bring new fresh ideas to the law-making body.

“She’s been working in the public sector for a long time,” said Olson. “I have some fresh ideas and new takes that may not have been presented in the past.”

Olson’s ‘meet and greet’ and neighborhood improvement project is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at 27 Burtch St.

He thanked Everydays True Value for donating paint for the project.


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