Study: Air Pollution Linked To Anxiety In Kids

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NEW YORK – A new study shows a link between air pollution and Psychiatric Disorders in children.

Researchers found when a pollutant known as PM 2.5 was present, more children visited Psychiatric emergency rooms.

On the same day as pollution spikes, kids more frequently presented symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Adjustment disorders, suicidal thoughts, depression, and anxiety were more common one or two days later.

The five-year study also says children in disadvantaged areas were more susceptible to the effects.

PM 2.5 is fine particulate matter than can either be naturally occurring from things like dust and ash, or man-made from burning fossil fuels.

Dirty air has already been linked to mental health problems in adults, but this is the first-time children have been studied.

The study was published Wednesday in the “Environmental Health Perspectives” Journal.


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