Chautauqua County Awarded $50,000 Grant To Protect Farm Land

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WESTFIELD – Chautauqua County was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to help protect farm land.

The Chautauqua County Division of Planning and Community Development says the Farmland Protection Plan will ensure that agriculture continues as an economic force and that farming remains a viable profession in the county.

The group plans to formulate key strategies and actions that will focus on agricultural issues and the preservation of agricultural resources.

The planning process will also provide an opportunity for agricultural stakeholders to come together to discuss pressing agricultural issues and to formulate a unified vision for the future of farming in Chautauqua County.

The Chautauqua Regional Community Foundation is providing an additional $30,000 in funding.

Since the adoption of the original Farmland Protection Plan in 2000, the agricultural community has been faced with new opportunities and challenges.

New information from the 2017 U.S. Agricultural Census and guidance from local government plans, such as the Chautauqua County 20/20 Comprehensive Plan, will be integrated into this update to develop a well-informed and all-encompassing farmland protection strategy, officials said.

Officials are also taking input from farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.


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  1. I like how its added in at the end. “Officials are also taking input from farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.”

    Sounds like CC Officials will spend the $80,000 on programs for themselves. But, hey, we will take a little input from the actual farmers.

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