Lucy Statues In Celoron Park Vandalized

Lucy Statue Vandalized. 10/04/19. Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

CELORON – The statues of Lucille Ball in Celoron Park were recently vandalized.

Both, “Scary Lucy” and the fairly new statue, unveiled by national renowned sculptor Carolyn Palmer in 2016, have been marked up by blue sharpie.

Town of Ellicott Police Chief William Ohnmeiss told WNYNewsNow investigators used security footage to identify a suspect in the case.

“I think it’s a blue marker of some sort,” said Ohnmeiss. “Hopefully that statue can be cleaned up without any permanent damage.”

Ohnmeiss believes the man also vandalized a bathroom facility at the park. His department plans to release photos of the suspect in an attempt to identify him.

Palmer’s sculpture has circles drawn around its breasts, the eyes are colored in and its lips are colored blue. “Scary Lucy,” meanwhile, has two dots on its chest.

Anyone with information on who vandalized the Lucille Ball statues are asked to contact the Town of Ellicott Police Department at (716) 665-7083.

In 2016, the new statue was unveiled after the previous figure was criticized online for not properly portraying the comedian.

A Facebook campaign named, “We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue,” went viral gaining national media attention.

Celoron’s Mayor, at the time, Scott Schrecengost said that the town was “bombarded with all kinds of artists that would like to redo the statue.” He said Palmer was “the best sculptor we could have ended up with.”

“Scary Lucy” remains an attraction and is on display just feet from the new bronze statue that shows Ball in a polka-dot dress.



  1. Well,maybe someone knew it was gonna be cold today………idk,nevermind me,I’m an optimistic type. Juvies.we need help at our soup kitchen…….after they clean Lucy and scary lucy…. AND make winter clothes for her…. them……ANDhave to ring the salvation army bell…..right by them for pics etc……have fun boys!

  2. Obviously the person(s) do not know who Lucy was. This is extremely disrespectful to an actress that helped put a jamestown on the map!

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