National Grid Prepares For Potentially Damaging Wind Storm Expected Tonight

Stock Photo: Pierce Womack / Twitter

WESTERN NEW YORK – In preparation for forecasted heavy rain and high winds across portions of upstate New York beginning late tonight and continuing into Friday, National Grid is increasing staffing levels and preparing line service and tree workers to respond if weather impacts electricity service.

The company says customers can receive personalized alerts by text, email, and/or phone when an outage is detected at their property by enrolling in the company’s outage alert option.

To register, text REG to 64743, enter your National Grid electricity account number and select your preferred method(s) of notification.

Customers also can text OUT to 64743 to report an outage.

If a power outage occurs, customers can notify National Grid online to expedite restoration.

They say never touch downed power lines; always assume they are carrying live electricity.

Downed lines should be immediately reported to National Grid at 1-800-867-5222 or by calling 911.

Generators used to supply power during an outage must be operated outdoors to prevent the buildup of deadly carbon monoxide.

Before operating a generator, be sure to disconnect from National Grid’s system by shutting off the main breaker, located in the electric service panel.

Failure to do this could endanger our crews and your neighbors.

Customers who depend on electrically powered life support equipment, such as a respirator, should register as a life support customer by calling National Grid at 1-800-642-4272.

They say to keep a number of working flashlights and an extra supply of batteries in your home and be sure to charge all electronic devices before the storm.

They also suggest to check on elderly family members, neighbors and others who may need assistance during an outage.


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