Jammers Continue Search For New Name

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Jammers management says they are continue to seek the public’s help in renaming the team.

Last month, the team’s general manager Frank Fanning asked the community to submit name ideas to the team’s website.

So far, Fanning says the staff has five favorites: the Jamestown Fightin’ Beavers, Jamestown Woodchuckers, Jamestown Funny Bones, Jamestown Jumping Bucks and Jamestown Tundra Swans.

He says the team is looking for something that gets area youth excited about the sport.

“I hear from all kinds of people that it’s got to be some kind of an animal, it’s got to be something that is around Jamestown, maybe something around the ballpark, it’s got to be a cute creature,” said Fanning.

He said over the last month, his office has received a lot of feedback.

“We wanted feedback and we got it,” said Fanning. “We had some people on the traditional side of things that liked one word, we had some people that liked two words.”

Fanning said currently most teams at Jamestown’s level have a name that includes an adjective and an animal.

The GM hopes to narrow down the name within the next few months. Fanning could not give a specific timeline, but, explained it will be sooner rather than later.

“We thought we might have it by now, but in order to do something, sometimes if you want it to truly be great, sometimes it takes more time than you expected, so we don’t have a timeline, but it’s going to be this winter,” explained Fanning. “There will be snow on the ground when we release the name.”

The team will be managed by Jordan Basile, a Jamestown native and pervious Head Coach at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Virginia.

They will play in the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League in June 2020.


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