Teachers “Overwhelmingly” Vote No Confidence In Principal Following Fight

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Teachers at Jamestown High School “overwhelmingly” voted no confidence in Jamestown High School’s Principal’s ability to keep students safe following a fight at the school this month.

Photo: Jamestown High School Principal Dr. Rosemary Bradley

President of the Jamestown Teachers Association Stephanie Sardi says the lack of student discipline by Principal Dr. Rosemary Bradley has led to a dangerous learning environment.

Furthermore, Sardi believes that Dr. Bradley ignored the concerns previously brought forward by the union.

“Nothing changed and therefore the same topics were brought up on a weekly basis during building liaison meetings with Dr. Bradley and JTA representatives,” said Sardi. “It has left teachers in the building with a sense of low morale and a deep concern for the safety of their students.”

Along with the vote, the faculty gathered specific incidents and comments from the educators regarding Dr. Bradley’s performance as a high school principal.

Among comments received, union officials gave specific examples: a lack of consistency in dealing with student behavior; teachers and staff members being admonished in front of students; a lack of proper consequences for poor student behaviors; a general lack of availability to staff members; and, directing teachers to simply not write discipline referrals when students were misbehaving.

The union said the tipping point was on November 6, when a fight broke out among several students in hallway of the high school, leading to a lock-down of the building and police intervention.

“According to people in the building at the time of the incident, who were the first to respond, there were several major mistakes made by the administration’s handling of the entire incident, including a lack of leadership by Dr. Bradley, confusion about emergency protocols, and no attempt by administration to calm the situation or help restore order after the incident,” said Sardi. “A vote of no confidence in Dr. Bradley was the only way to get the Board of Education and Central Administration to listen to the faculty’s concerns about the unsafe condition in the building and begin making critical changes to the high school as quickly as possible”

The union said a vote of no confidence is a non-binding vote from school employees to express their discontent with administration to the Board of Education, which employs the high school principal and ultimately oversees all aspects of the school.

Members of the association plan to present additional concerns to the board of education at the next meeting on December 3, at 6 p.m. in the board room at Jefferson Middle School.


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