Borrello Seated As 57th District State Senator

Pictured from left: Stephen Abdella, Acting Chautauqua County Executive, and George Borrello, New York State Senator and former Chautauqua County Executive.

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello was seated Monday as the New York State Senator for the 57th District.

Borrello recently won the election to fill the seat, which was vacated by former Senator Catharine Young earlier this year.

“I am honored and extremely humbled to be the voice and advocate for the 57th District in the State Senate,” Borrello said.  “I look forward to continuing to work with my local government partners in Chautauqua County to advance our future with common-sense, forward-looking solutions.”

County Attorney Stephen Abdella will serve as the Acting County Executive until a new county executive is confirmed by the County Legislature within 45 days.

Under a modification to the County’s Charter adopted earlier this year, the county committee of the same political party as the county executive leaving office must nominate the successor for the County Legislature’s confirmation.

The successor shall serve until a county executive is chosen at the 2020 general election to fill the remaining year of Borrello’s unexpired term in 2021.

Acting County Executive Abdella was County Attorney from 1992-1997, County Legislature Counsel from 1999-2005, and County Attorney since 2006.

He previously served as the Acting County Executive late in 2013 when former County Executive Greg Edwards resigned to become CEO of the Gebbie Foundation.


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