President Signs Federal Animal Cruelty Act Into Law

Photo: ASPCA

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump signed a bill that makes animal cruelty a federal felony on Monday, saying the measure would help us be “more responsible and humane stewards of our planet.”

The PACT Act — which stands for Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture — was signed by the President at the White House, where he said he was “pleased” to approve the legislation.

The bipartisan act, which passed the Senate earlier this month and house last month, expands a previous law passed in 2010.

Congressman Tom Reed, one of the supporters of the law, said the measure is personal for him.

“My dogs – Babbs, Trooper and Jovie – are part of the family. I can’t imagine the anger I would have if someone abused these loving animals, and escaped prosecution because the act occurred outside of New York State jurisdiction,” said Reed. “This is a commonsense bill to protect the animals we care so much about. I am glad the Problem Solvers Caucus were able to utilize the new House rules we implemented last January to push this bipartisan legislation across the finish line in the people’s chamber. I am pleased the Senate promptly considered this bill, and I would like to thank President Trump for swiftly signing this bill into law.”

Federal law had previously only prohibited animal fighting and only criminalized animal cruelty if the wrongdoers create and sell videos depicting the act. Under the PACT Act, a person can be prosecuted for crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating or impaling animals or sexually exploiting them. Those convicted would face federal felony charges, fines and up to seven years in prison.

Right now, all 50 states have laws on their books against animal cruelty at the state level.

With Trump’s approval, federal authorities can go after the wrongdoers because they will have federal jurisdiction and will not be bound by state laws. They can also prosecute criminals if the cruelty occurs on federal property.

The legislation, which contains exceptions for hunting, is supported by the Humane Society Legislative Fund, the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Fraternal Order of Police.


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  1. That’s wonderful! Think theres a chance they’d impose the same for when it happens to a childless middle aged mom like myself? Oh no,that’s just w o m e n ….so expendable……They’re all jokes…. I mean,look at me,as I am the punch line. Dont believe me? Call the shelter….I was told: they dont call it °criminal° justice for nothing. And it’s TRUE. 30arrests in 6yrs,I was the 30th. 5charges including a felony were ignored by “my” assistant d.a.,whom I never met,nor talked to. My stalker,perp got a year probation:>>>having still been on probation for the previous offense. Is it just me,or because this man isn’t famous like bill cosby etc,he goes free whilst im the prisoner? he told me after I came to from him throwing me by my neck,”I dont want to have to disfigure you,but you’re leaving me no choice”-also said pieces of paper make him laugh. I’m stuck here,because OVS refuses to help me relocate. Is it just me,or are beautiful canines,felines etc being treated more important then women? That’s this survivors take. You’ll have to excuse me,while I go ice my neck. Better then 3spacers and a rod. I’m 5k in the hole for having to pay out of pocket for decompression. Too bad OVS also doesn’t want to cover that. All from having lost my only child to cancer 3yrs ago. That’s why I had to move here…. I lost everything,became homeless. . That was it. As if it wasnt bad enough. I know we’re blessed dogs and cats cant talk. I know their pain. Happy giving thanks.

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