Borrello Says Cuomo Failed To Explain How He Will Balance The State’s Budget

New York State Senate Image.

ALBANY – New York State Senator George Borrello says Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address failed to explain how the state’s budget will be balanced.

Borrello says as a former county executive, he knows first hand the challenges governments face in spending wisely.

“A lot of talk about spending, but yet we are facing a $6 billion deficit,” said Borrello. “I heard about a lot about new spending efforts, but I didn’t hear about how we are going to cut back and conserve.”

“We have a big challenge ahead, and as a former County Executive and ten year veteran of county government, we do things ‘lean and mean’ in county government and we need to do that here at the state level.”

The Senator says he looks forwarding to helping finding a way to budget properly and get the state’s financial shortfalls on the right track.

During the Governor’s Wednesday address, he stressed the need for fiscal restraint, with the state staring at a $6 billion budget gap, caused largely by soaring Medicaid spending.

The Governor has cautioned against overspending while pledging not to raise taxes.


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