Congressman Reed Blasts Cuomo, Dangers Of State Green Light Law

Image by New York State DMV.

CORNING – Congressman Tom Reed this week blasted Governor Cuomo and the effects of New York’s Green Light Law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.

Reed says the Federal Government may not accept New York’s enhanced driver’s licenses since non-citizens are able to obtain the ID under the new law.

The Congressman says instead residents wanting to travel outside of the country may have to purchase a passport.

“Now the rumor mill is swirling that the Department of Homeland Security may deem all New York drivers licenses invalid – meaning you would not be able to use these documents to board a plane,” said Reed.

He says it would be an expensive tax for New Yorkers, but may be a necessary step for the security of airports as all New York driver’s licenses look virtually identical.

Reed says he plans to discuss the issue with Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf in the coming days.



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