Middle School Art Students Create In The Likeness Of Picasso’s Works

Washington Middle School eighth graders, Elisbeth Munoz and Yulivette Cartagena DeJesus, painted their "Picasso Heads" during Kevin Kyser's art class.

JAMESTOWN – Washington Middle School seventh and eighth graders created their own “Picasso Portrait” through a unique art project in Kevin Kyser’s classes to learn more, not only about the famous artist, but also drawing, color mixing and using emotion in their art.

Kyser helped students explore the painting styles of Pablo Picasso. With a focus on portraits, they discussed how he used color, shapes and “mixed-up” placement of facial features, to convey a feeling or emotion. Students viewed the work of Picasso and drew different facial parts from his portraits.

“This project introduces students to one of the greatest artists of our time,” said Kyser. “It asks them to become him, to create and paint like him. The fun part of this project is that there are no right or wrong answers to the question…it’s about just letting creativity, imagination and inspiration lead the way to an amazing creation.”

When their faces were finished, students were then asked to pretend to be Picasso and make a three-dimensional “Picasso Head.”

Students used cardboard to create their “Picasso Head.” In addition, several parameters were followed: four parts of the face had to be three-dimensional and the cardboard head had to stand on its own.

Once the construction was completed, students were required to mix their own colors to paint their “Picasso Heads.” The project was challenging to the students because of the planning, building and practicing that was needed to make their “Picasso Heads.”


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