Man Charged After Allegedly Damaging Vehicle With Large Stick

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JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown man is facing charges after allegedly damaging a vehicle with a large wooden stick on Sunday.

Jamestown Police say Grant Monroe, 43, was found walking on East 2nd Street near the Puzzle Lounge after allegedly causing the damage.

Officers say Monroe was detained and taken to Jamestown City Jail for processing.

Monroe is charged with criminal mischief.

He was released under New York State’s Bail Reform Law and is scheduled to appear in Jamestown City Court at a later date.



  1. The damages to said vehicle is what I was told to pay to my attorneys memorial can fund drive. I was taken to the hospital that night as I was assaulted prior to the arrest. I threw the stick as I feared for my life, and couldn’t figure out a way to help.

    • Funny how not all arrests are reported, I’ve seen many that aren’t. How do they decide? Seems to undermine due process. I remember being charged with assaulting on a peace officer (clark) with a deadly weapon with intent to cause serious injury. Later discovered there was no assault. I believe it’s malicious prosecution(D.A. Foley) and Judicial Misconduct. (LaMancuso). Lol, criminals.

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