Local Community Enters HGTV Hometown Takeover Contest

Image via Seneca Nation / YouTube.

SALAMANCA – The City of Salamanca is putting its name in the drawing for an HGTV hometown makeover.

The Seneca Nations of Indians posted Salamanca’s video submission on their website Thursday.

The popular TV network is trying to find a town for its newest show, “Hometown Takeover.”

In “Hometown Takeover,” Ben and Erin Napier from the hit HGTV series Home Town will lead a team of renovation pros to give a town a facelift.

Towns with a population of 40,000 or less were asked to submit why their town deserved the makeover.

The show says the winning town would see the rehab of multiple individual family homes as well as the revitalization of public spaces —parks, local diners or restaurants and outdoor recreation areas.



  1. Most of the original store fronts have been left in tack on our Main Street,un;ike many towns in the surrounding erea in the 70s. Many factories are being renovated to be used for condos in the future. being raised and returning to town makes it even more important to me.

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