State Lawmakers Bring Back Funding To Help Cleanup Chautauqua Lake

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ALBANY – New York State Senator George Borrello says with help from Assemblyman Andy Goodell Chautauqua Lake will once again receive state funding to help cleanup the natural resource.

Last year, the $250,000 were cut from the state budget.

Borrello says the money was slated to help fund weed harvesting and herbicide application to combat harmful alga blooms.

“Chautauqua Lake is a major economic driver, and it is also the most challenged lake when it comes to the eutrophic nature of it,” said Borrello. “To know that we have those challenges, and that it requires so much attention, so much research; having this funding along with support of the foundations, all the organizations, municipalities and people that support the lake, is critical.”

The senator says the memorandum of agreement signed last year is also a critical component to not only return funding from the state, but also outside sources as well.

The agreement outlined a series of short-term and long-term strategies for lake cleanup.

It additionally requires entities involved in the process to not enter into litigation and as long as each group stays within the bounds the contract.

The senator says the new state money will be used for in-lake treatment and analysis.


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