Crime Rate Drops, Medical Transports Up In Jamestown

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown officials say for the third consecutive year, the number of total crimes in the city has decreased while the number of ambulance transports are up.

According to the annual public safety report, in 2019, violent crime was down 18.7 percent from 2018. Property crimes also dropped 7.5% percent.

Last year’s statistics show total amount of violent crimes committed was 170 offenses, compared to 209 in 2018, and the total amount of property crimes committed was 748 offenses, compared to 809 in 2018.

“I continue to be proud of our police officers, fire fighters, and all staff working to ensure the safety of city residents,” said Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Harry Snellings. “The decrease in crime for three consecutive years speaks to our successful efforts in crime prevention.”

Total calls to the Jamestown Police Department decreased from 36,430 in 2018 to 35,884 in 2019.

The Jamestown Fire Department responded to 6360 calls for service in 2019, an increase over 5528 calls the previous year. This included 1,048 overlapping calls in 2019, meaning 16.4 percent of the time, two or more emergencies were happening simultaneously.

The total amount of ambulance transports that the Fire Department provided increased to 992 in 2019 from 532 in 2018, and a nearly three- fold increase from 2017 (331).

“The increase in the amount of calls for service and number of transports the Fire Department undertakes is a major concern, but this will hopefully be drawn down over the next few years due to our search for a new primary ambulance service for the City,” furthered Snellings.

These and additional data are presented in the 2019 edition of the City of Jamestown Office of Public Safety annual report.

“I am astounded by the work and service our first responders provide to the City and its residents” said Mayor Eddie Sundquist. “While my administration is focused on finding a new primary ambulance service for the City to relieve the strain clearly being placed on our Fire Department, I am hopeful a solution will be found soon. I commend all the work that our police officers, fire fighters, and staff did to ensure our residents safety.”


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