Researchers Turn CPAP Machines Into Ventilators

Photo Courtesy: Auburn University

AUBURN, AL – A group of college engineers say they have found a way to make emergency ventilators out of CPAP Machines.

Auburn University researchers announced on Monday they may have found a quick and inexpensive solution to the ventilator shortage.

Their design called re-invent can convert a standard c-pap machine into a ventilator in as little as four hours.

The cost is only $700 in extra parts.

CPAP machines are commonly used in patients with sleep apnea and are in plentiful supply across the country. The average ventilator costs $25,000 or more.

The FDA has provided guidance to healthcare providers that may allow them to use the re-invent device during the pandemic.

The engineers at auburn are exploring options to share their design with healthcare providers in need.


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