COVID: Gov. Cuomo To Visit White House Today

Photo: The White House / Tia Dufour

WASHINGTON – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will visit the White House today.

President Trump said at Monday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing that he will meet with Cuomo in the oval office.

The governor’s office confirmed the meeting. According to Trump, the meeting was Cuomo’s idea.

New York has been the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

The president said of the governor, “believe it or not — we get along.”

Trump and Cuomo have had a hot-and-cold dynamic during the COVID-19 outbreak, sometimes trading barbs, while at other times appearing somewhat conciliatory.

WNYNewsNow asked Congressman Tom Reed during his teleconference Tuesday morning what he’d like to see as a result of the meeting from his perspective as a New York Representative. Reed says it’ll be important for both officials to put aside their differences during the meeting.

“I think both should hear each other out, and one of the things we do in the Problem Solvers Caucus that serves us well is that we dont just talk to each other, we listen to each other,” Reed said. “I hope that this is the sentiment and the culture of the exchange that happens there because New York has a lot to offer the rest of the nation as to the lessons of COVID-19, and by listening to each other, that experience with the problems that we face there could be cut short and prevented in other areas of the nation if it is truly given in a good faith nature to focus on the problems facing people, rather than engaging in partisan politics as the motivating factor for the meeting.”


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