Jamestown Resident Announces State Assembly Campaign

JAMESTOWN – Christina Cardinale announced Saturday her Democratic candidacy for New York State’s 150th Assembly District, where she will face incumbent Republican Assemblyman Andy Goodell in this fall’s election.

“I’m both humbled and honored regarding the nomination,” says Cardinale. “The current state of the world is alarming, but, I see this as a momentous opportunity to help our county. We can come back from this. We can move forward. We can fix what’s broken.”

Born to a working-class family, Cardinale says she has a passion for improving her community. Cardinale is adamant about productive measures to assist the citizens of Chautauqua County.

“Before the pandemic, our county’s poverty rate was at 18.5%,” says Cardinale. “Female-led households with children have a poverty rate of 50%. 12% of people under 65 did not have health insurance. We were in distress long before the threat of a global crisis.”

Cardinale stresses the importance of preemptive safety measures during the pandemic. She also prioritizes bold advocation for the county afterwards.

“We need to fight for the working-class, we’re the backbone of society. We need someone who will battle the struggle, because they’ve lived with the struggle,” says Cardinale. “We need better representation in Albany. Let me be the person to fight for Chautauqua County. Let me be your champion.”

Moving forward, Cardinale wants to bring trust and transparency back to the political system. She plans to challenge politics on a fundamental level.

“There are too many wealthy people in politics. They can only see the world from one point of view.” says Cardinale. “We keep recycling the same corrupt dynasty. It’s like a game of monarchy musical-chairs,” Cardinale says. “‘Business as usual’ is killing us.”

Cardinale plans to launch a social media-based campaign as the global COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“I’ve made myself available to the public. It’s 2020. No more absent politicians,” she says. “I encourage everyone to ‘like’ the Cardinale For Assembly page via Facebook. You can also visit my website to get to know me better.”

For more visit christinacardinale.com for Christina Cardinale’s campaign platform and donation information.


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