Lack Of Social Distancing Blamed For Increase In COVID-19 Cases This Weekend

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JAMESTOWN – Health officials say a lack in social distancing is to blame for an increase in COVID-19 cases this weekend.

On Sunday the Chautauqua County Health Department reported three new cases of the virus.

There is now a total of 53 confirmed cases, including the new cases of two young adult males and one female in her 50s.

Of the cases, 14 are active and continuing to recover in quarantine.

There are 35 recovered cases and 4 deaths related to the outbreak.

“There has been an increase in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and in the number of ordered quarantine/isolation cases due to people not abiding by social distancing guidelines and gathering together,” said officials. “New cases develop when people are in the same location at the same time and in close contact (defined as closer than 6 feet for longer than 10 minutes) with someone who is infected with the coronavirus.”

“Large gatherings and parties cause an increase in the number of people being monitored.”


  1. People just don’t care here in Denver.
    (They) just want to party. And don’t think of consequences. We need to take COVID a lot more serious. There should be citation given if you don’t wear a mask. And distance yourself up to six feet.

    • Thats because no one cares anymore i personally don’t we want to move on from this how many cases are lied bout how long are you guna try to keep people living in fear this scam has gone to far cdc is always blaming covid for a death grow up were guna do what we wna do regardless of a virus omg covid 19 o.o weee u stay locked up for months no family no friends

      • How insensitive and dumb could you? Have you not thought about all the people who have died from this disease? What planet are you from? And you might think about taking a refresher course in english!

        • How many people have to die all the contagious before people say wait a minute let’s do what we have to do the sacrifice of social distancing it’s nothing compared to your death stop being selfish and do what you have to do people are there will be much bigger numbers then there are now I’m doing what I have to do until I have to do it stop crying you big babies This Is How We Roll by because I was finally send friends lives dear God help us all with the selfishness you can still have a social life with safe distance to and still go to the stores and go for a walk outside just need to mask and gloves on and save distancing what’s the big freaking deal when it’s okay that’ll do it anymore then we won’t

      • Some people never ‘guna’ grow up Joe.. go lick a friend and high five yourself for being so clever then die alone cause no one is allowed to visit you in the hospital

      • @Joe. First, you need to go back to school because clearly you are highly uneducated. You obviously didn’t lose some near and dear to you from this virus. I didn’t either but my heart goes out to the poor people that did. Not even able to see them on their death bed or kiss them goodbye because no one is allowed in the hospital. You need to GROW UP. AND QUIT HAVING THE POOR ME MENTALITY. WE ALL WANT THIS OVER BUT WE NEED TO FOLLOW RULES UNTIL IT IS FINALLY DEALT WITH.

    • This virus is real, folks. It’s not some political hoax to ” make your president look bad”. It’s killing lots of a lot of countries. Just because it hasn’t ravaged your town yet doesn’t make it any less real for those people and their families. This has shown Americans’ complete inability to be responsible. A serious virus can run all across our country in less than 3 months no matter the warnings issued. Bottom line is people just don’t care about each other enough.

    • Hey Deborah, please elaborate. Tells us all how staying holed up will end this. That’s 100% scientifically not possible. Just because we all hide from it doesn’t make it go away. I’m sorry that when the country opens back up that you’re going to have to work for and earn your salary but that’s how life works.

  2. I cant believe the way that some people behave! It’s just shocking to me!! I have always thought people would come to realize what we have to do to survive…but so many seem to be from a different place? I guess just a totally different mind set!! I truly feel sorry for them and their families! Very thankful for mine!!🌹

  3. If people would just follow the rules instead of bucking the system we would get through this quicker. The selfishness is what will kill you. My heart hurts for all the people that are suffering. We need to be caring and nicer to each other. Spirituality is gone from this planet, just caring is gone. May God help us all!

    • Just keep believing that ok. Naievity is attractive – especially to a predator like Ice cream Nancy and her gang of Communists .

  4. Ok, enough is enough…. people need to realize this is NOT a death sentence. Folks need to step back & think of this very logically, this is a virus just like any other virus that pops up…it has to run its course & if you keep people in & NOT with other people you’ll NEVER build up an immunity. I’m NOT saying this isn’t a bad one but must really look at the symptoms, really no different than a VERY bad flu. People pass from a flu, people pass from pneumonia, people pass from cancer, heart attacks, car accidents etc…just time to stop panicking & have to live, this is NOT living this is just existing….how about ALL the people who have committed suicide, what about the people who are being abused by a violent person in their home because of ALL this….& I’m NOT saying death is a good thing NOT at all…. anytime someone pass away it’s horrible @ ANY age BUT got to look at this smartly, if you get COVID & you pass on, maybe it was your time to go. We ALL have an expiration date ONLY so many beats of our hearts, we just DON’T know when that is we will pass on….do I want it (COVID) no but God forbid I get it & I should pass away then guess what, it was my time to leave this earth…we really NEED to just step back & asses what it is we’re doing, because doing what we’re doing IS NOT healthy for our bodies OR our minds. NO matter where we live…take care & be well everyone.

    • Ok Christina R. You may be right! Maybe it is those people time, so you can go out and get exposed to the coronavirus and then you can pass it on to your friends and family. Who are you willing to sacrifice so you can go out to Walmart or eat at a restaurant? Your Mom or Dad? Sister? Friend? Using your logic why don’t we just all run out on to the Thruway and if we are hit by a car then we can just say it was my time?

      • Hey Al, you REALLY NEED to grow up, my father has COPD stage 4 emphysema & he goes out everyday…life is short enough dude…get with the program & realize this Coronavirus IS NOT as bad as it’s made out to be…. apparently you don’t know how to read or study & NO medical background….so in your case ignorance & naiveity is bliss….have a nice life

      • Oh & just an fyi Al, I don’t shop in Walmart…. DON’T assume things dude, just REALLY shows your ignorance…far well.

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