Two New Pediatric Cases Of COVID-19 Reported, County Total Now 60

JAMESTOWN – The number of COVID-19 cases in Chautauqua County has reached 60, after two new pediatric cases and another adult case was reported on Thursday.

The county health department says the adult case involves a woman in her 30s. They did not release any other information about the two new pediatric cases.

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been three reported cases involving minors in the county.

There are now 19 active cases, up from 16 the day before. So far, 37 people have recovered from the virus since the outbreak began.

Four deaths have since been reported because of COVID-19.

The Cattaraugus County Health Department reported two new COVID-19 cases, bringing the countywide total to 55, with 16 active.

Meanwhile, the third COVID-19 case was reported in Warren County, Pennsylvania today. Officials say the person was tested for the virus and is now seeking medical treatment.

“The test was not conducted at Warren General Hospital,” said officials in a statement to the media. “Currently, no further details about this case are available.”

The Emergency Management Team says they will continue to monitor the outbreak and provide updates as additional information is obtained.

As a reminder, the public is encouraged to continue practicing safe COVID-19 mitigation practices:

  • Engage in safe social distancing
  • Wear masks in public
  • Wash their hands frequently
  • Disinfect common areas
  • And isolate themselves and seek medical attention if they don’t feel well


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