Governor Cuomo Meets With President Trump, Only Talks Downstate Projects

Image via the Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo / Flickr page.

WASHINGTON – While visiting the White House Wednesday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed “supercharging” New York State’s reopening.

The Governor says his meeting with President Donald Trump avoided politics, focusing on reviving stalled infrastructure projects in the New York City area.

Cuomo says the reason he did not include any upstate projects during the discussion was because he did not want to seem “to aggressive” while speaking with federal leaders.

“I didn’t want to give him too long a list, I didn’t want to seem to aggressive, I didn’t want to seem like for the other people in the room that they could dismiss me like a quintessential New Yorker, ‘look how much he is asking for, he is asking for too much,’” explained Cuomo.

The Governor continues to call for a “smart” reopening statewide. Currently, all regions but New York City meet requirements to begin phase one reopening.

Western New York could enter phase two reopening next week.


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