Governor Cuomo Says Businesses Can Require Customers To Wear Masks

Governor Cuomo hosts his daily Coronavirus briefing at the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in Brooklyn, where he was joined by Brooklynites Chris Rock and Rosie Perez. The actors were on hand to promote testing and the wearing of PPE while in public. Image by Kevin P. Coughlin / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

BROOKLYN — New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo says that businesses are legally allowed to require customers to wear face masks.

The Governor during his Thursday press conference said he’s signing an executive order that allows business owners to deny entry to people who aren’t wearing a mask or face covering.

The Governor has stated in the past that he believes the numbers show masks are effective in helping slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

To help enforce his point, actors Rosie Perez and Chris Rock joined Cuomo on Thursday to promote mask use and getting tested.

Normally saving this portion of his talks for later, Cuomo went straight into discussion about federal action after announcing the latest COVID-19 numbers, which showed 74 deaths on Wednesday. 22 of those people were nursing home residents.

The Governor met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday morning, where they discussed additional funding from the federal government.

This is something Cuomo has long been pushing for, as he says schools and essential services like police and hospitals will see massive cuts without it.

Previously, the federal government passed a stimulus package that resulted in payments averaging at $1,200 per citizen, but more is needed, the Governor says.

Looking at the reopening of New York, Cuomo says the economy needs more than just an open door. It needs revitalization, he says.

Most of New York has begun Phase One of the reopening schedule, but New York City has yet to meet the metrics.

“Once you hit Phase One, you continue to monitor the metrics,” Cuomo said, speaking on the progression of the reopening phases.

Reopening New York City is important to Cuomo, as he has referred to it as “an economic engine of the state, the country and the world.”


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