Saturday Protest To Call Out Governor’s “Overreach Of Power”

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JAMESTOWN – Residents in Chautauqua County will once again take to the streets of Jamestown voicing their frustrations with the NY on PAUSE order.

Gerrit Cain, the local spokesperson for Open NY, the group organizing the protest, says New York State leaders have overstepped their power during the COVID-19 pandemic and now is the time for people to take control by reopening the community.

“We ask that the God-given rights of Americans to responsibly live, work, worship, travel, celebrate, recreate, educate, donate, and medicate be respected by ALL levels of government,” explained Cain. “It is time to get back to work and to the activities that make life worth living.”

He says that medical facilities are nowhere near overwhelmed and since testing is widely available, businesses should be allowed to reopen.

Cain also notes that it is not fair to high school and college graduates, that continued to work during the pandemic, do not receive a proper graduation.

“Our high school seniors and college graduates have worked hard to complete their academic achievements in the midst of this crisis,” furthered Cain. “They deserve to be recognized beyond an online meeting.”

The protest will take place Saturday at noon in Jamestown’s Dow Park. Cain asks those in attended to practice physical distancing.

The most recent protest drew around 150 demonstrators.


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