Schumer Asks Trump To Extend The COVID-19 Health Emergency Declaration

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NEW YORK – New York’s senior Senator is calling on President Donald Trump to extend the nation’s COVID-19 National Health Emergency Declaration.

Although the declaration isn’t set to expire for nearly a month, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the President needs to take action now as states like Texas and California are seeing major spikes in COVID-19 cases.

“We need action right now and that’s why I am setting off the alarm bells for President Trump to declare to renew the Public Health Emergency which expires on July 25,” said Schumer Sunday. “The worry is that President Trump, in his own inimitable way, will not want to renew the emergency because he wants to deny that it exists, even though everyone knows it does exist.”

Health experts say the United States could see another 15,000 COVID-19 related deaths within a month, with Florida becoming the next epicenter after over 18,000 additional cases were reported this weekend.

Last week, New York State’s infection rate fell below 1 percent, the lowest in the country.


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