Cuomo Tells Trump To Admit He Was Wrong About COVID Virus

ALBANY — “President Donald Trump should admit to the nation that he was wrong from day one about the COVID-19 virus.” That’s one of the messages Gov. Andrew Cuomo offered during his press conference this week.

States that opened too soon are now rolling back reopening initiatives in the face of rising infectious rates, Cuomo said, blaming Trump for not taking the virus seriously.

“Look what’s going on around this nation and these are facts, not editorial comment, these are facts,” Cuomo said.

Many states were in denial about opening too soon, he said.

“Now they’re singing a different tune. I said if you reopen too fast, you’re going to have to re-close. States are now having to roll back their reopening. The buck stops on the President of the United States. In this state, the buck stops on my desk. I’m the governor.”

Trump was “in denial of the COVID Virus from day one.”

“You know what’s funny in this country, sometimes when the president speaks, even when the president is Trump, some people listen,” Cuomo said.

Not wearing masks at rallies is the wrong message to send to American citizens, the governor added, admonishing Trump to start wearing a mask.

“What signal does that bring to the American people,” he asked. “He denied the reality of the virus. well you know what Mr. President, reality wins every time. You don’t defeat reality. He has been denying the facts from day one. He denied what his own CDC said.”

“Now the country is suffering because of the president and it’s time for him to change course. When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Admit the threat op this virus, admit you were wrong. Everybody knows you were wrong. It doesn’t cost you anything. Put a mask on it. Next time you’re smiling at the camera, put a mask on it Mr. President.”


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