Mitrano: Reed Deflects From His Record With False Nursing Home Narrative

PENN YAN — In reaction to the state’s probe into nursing home COVID cases, Democratic Congressional Candidate Tracy Mitrano said incumbent Tom Reed is using a false narrative to deflect from what she sees as a poor record.

“Tom Reed has had a false narrative about this issue in the nursing homes for some time and I think the health report only underscores common sense about what was going on with this issue,” Mitrano told WNYNewsNow Tuesday.

“If we all knew what we know now and the awful crises it became, we would have closed, I would hope, the mayor and the governor would have closed things down right away and isolated and so forth,” she said, adding COVID-19 has been in New York since at least February.

“Our hospitals in New York City were totally overrun, we had people who were convalescing and that means they’re no longer contagious. We know the contagion is when people are asymptomatic not when you’re convalescing weeks out,” she said.

She said the facts make her think about Reed and what she sees as a divide and deflect strategy.

“You begin to think, okay wait a minute, it’s not the way Tom Reed likes to create a narrative because this guy has been going after Cuomo since day one, it’s his campaign strategy,” she said. “He can’t talk about federal issues, he’s failed at health care, he’s failed at education, he’s failed at infrastructure, he doesn’t want to protect the environment, he’s not brought jobs, he hasn’t created economic incentives in this district even when the market was good.”

Mitrano said what she sees as Reed deflecting is his one skill, comparing him to a donkey.

“He’s deflecting the fact that all Tom Reed knows how to do is, like a donkey, kick down the barn door,” Mitrano said. “He doesn’t know how to do good things for people. He can’t criticize the president because he’s his honorary chairman of his reelection in New York State.”

Reed no longer discusses federal issues because he wants to attack Cuomo to divide and confuse his constituents, she charged.

Asked about the travel advisory list in New York expanding to 19 states and whether a possible travel ban could be issued, she said there is a long history of Constitutional rights regarding interstate travel and commerce.

“If the numbers become overwhelming I don’t know if there’d be some procedure to make sure the people coming in are staying in isolation so we do things constitutionally but we’re protecting the public health,” she said, adding Reed “didn’t do a single thing to help this district” with COVID-19 solutions or procedure.


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