Area Representatives Blast Green Light Law During Press Conference

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BUFFALO — Representatives of the Chautauqua County area took part in a press conference in Buffalo Thursday calling for change to the criminal justice system.

Senator George Borrello, during the conference at the Buffalo Lighthouse Park, Fuhrmann Blvd., slammed the Green Light Law, which allows all New Yorkers age 16 and older to apply for a standard, not for federal purpose, non-commercial driver license or learner permit regardless of their citizenship or lawful status in the United States.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, as part of his 2020 executive budget, made an amendment to the law, making it a Class E Felony for any law enforcement officer to share DMV records with another law enforcement agency in charge of immigration. Borrello says, because of the amendment, law enforcement officers are “hamstrung” in their abilities to serve.

“This is politics over safety,” Borrello said. “This is pandering to an extreme radical group for political benefits as part of the agenda-driven politics we see in Albany. And it’s certainly part of Albany’s war on our law enforcement officials, at all levels, Federal, all the way down to local officials. This can not be tolerated. The people of New York State, the American people, have to say, we have to set aside politics, set aside this divisive agenda-driven agenda that is ultimately going to lead to us be less safe here in New York State…”

Borrello says the quality of life and safety of residents in New York has been put in danger due to the agenda.

Assemblyman Andy Goodell says one of the government’s role, at all levels, is to ensure citizens are kept safe.

“The government should be focused on people’s safety,” Goodell said. “We need to have a safe society for us to prosper. But for the last couple of years, the Democrat majority has lost sight of the need to provide guidance for ensuring safety to law-abiding residents.”

Goodell says the “assault on law enforcement has taken unprecedented proportions in New York State.”

“We are putting the rights of criminals above the rights of law enforcement, and the rights of people here in Buffalo, to live in a safe and secure community,” Goodell added.

Congressman Tom Reed adds that the law needs to be addressed.

“I’ve gotta tell you, it’s having a direct impact security here,” Reed said. “It’s having a direct impact on the safety of our officers that keep us safe at the border (as a result of the Green Light Law)…”

The Congressman also says that the “extremism” of the law “must be stood up to and must be fixed.”

New York Republican State Senate Leader Rob Ortt also participated at the press conference.


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