Lakewood Walmart Stepping Up Mask Enforcement, Limiting Store Entrance

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LAKEWOOD – The Lakewood Walmart is taking additional steps to improve customer and employee safety.

In a post on social media this week, the Lakewood Walmart announced only the Grocery Department doors will be open, creating a single entrance and exit point into the superstore.

Additionally, the store is also stepping up its mask wearing policies.

This week, the Retail Industry Leaders Association sent a letter to the National Governors Association asking for help with enforcing mask mandates.

“Despite compliance from the majority of Americans, retailers are alarmed with the instances of hostility and violence front-line employees are experiencing by a vocal minority of customers who are under the misguided impression that wearing a mask is a violation of their civil liberties,” the retail group, whose members include Best Buy, Dollar General and Home Depot, wrote, in the letter, which was made public Tuesday. “Wearing a mask is not about fear, and it certainly should not reflect one’s politics.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of facial coverings such as masks when it’s difficult to maintain a distance from other people, although there’s no federal order requiring people to do so.

New York State has a mandatory mask order for residents that are unable to maintain six feet of distance.



  1. It absolutely IS a violation of our civil liberties to enforce masks. Forcing healthy people to wear masks is taking control of their health and making health decisions for them.

    • So wearing a seat belt, not smoking in a public building and not drinking and driving are not violating your civil liberties, even though those laws are in place to keep people safe and healthy, but wearing a mask is. Rather silly.

    • If that were the case Nick, stores which require you to wear shirt shoes and pants for entry would be violating your civil rights. That is not the case. You have the right to choose to shop wherever you wish and a privately owned business has the right to permit or deny entry to whoever they choose.

    • Nick, Your ignorance is a violation of everyone’s safety. How amazingly arrogant and self centered. Hilarious that you post your lack of ability to understand basic microbiology.

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