Second Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Talks May Start Soon

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WASHINGTON – There’s a push to have talks about another economic stimulus package to help the country cope with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

While schools across the country are working on plans on how to re-open, the House of Representatives might be delaying or skipping its August recess.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’s willing to stay in Washington to get another relief bill to President Trump.

“This isn’t about government or philosophy or any political difference of opinion, this about meeting the needs of the American people at the time of a pandemic that has lost about 40-million jobs,” said Pelosi.

Lending a financial hand to the American workforce is something that has bi-partisan backing.

“We know we can’t shut the economy down again,” explains Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. “That cannot happen. We’ve learned there are consequences from being cooped up at home.”

But, as always, it’s a question of whether republicans and democrats come to an agreement.

Majority leader mitch McConnell says he wants the next stimulus package to include liability protections for businesses, restaurants and schools, with a price limit under one-trillion dollars.

That’s a third of the proposal the House unveiled in May.


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