Health Officials Preparing For Upcoming Flu Season, Enhancing Contact Tracing

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ALBANY – Health officials are preparing for the upcoming flu season and aim to enhance contact tracing for COVID-19.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state is sending $30 million to counties, with much of the funding going towards flu vaccines.

The governor says he expects labs will get jammed up once they have to analyze tests for the flu and Coronavirus.

“If they now have to do flu tests and COVID tests, that could affect the turnaround time on the COVID tests, so we want the counties to be ready with their flu vaccine and flu testing, so we’re doing everything we can on that,” Cuomo said.

The money being sent to counties will also be used for contact tracing.

Chautauqua County is slated to receive more than $300,000 of the millions allocated by the state.


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