Governor’s Office Anticipating COVID-19 Clusters As Colleges Reopen

Via SUNY JCC / Facebook.

ALBANY – As local colleges welcome students back on campus, the Governor’s Office is preparing for what to do in case there is an outbreak of COVID-19.

Governor Cuomo says the state is anticipating clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks to happen once students head back into their college classrooms.

Because of this, the state has designated a threshold that says colleges must go remote for two weeks if there are 100 COVID-19 cases, or the number of cases on campus equals 5% of their population or more.

Ultimately Cuomo says whichever scenario happens first will lead to the college going remote for at least two weeks.

“We should anticipate clusters. When you have large congregations of people, anticipate a cluster. We know that. Also, that’s what we’re seeing, you see it around the country. Be prepared for it, get ahead of it,” Cuomo said.

If a college has to go remote, students who live on campus can stay on campus, Cuomo says.

This announcement comes as some Western New York colleges are seeing their own positive COVID-19 cases.


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