Hundreds Partake In Trump Boat Parade On Chautauqua Lake

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LAKEWOOD – A rally showing support for President Donald Trump took place Sunday on Chautauqua Lake.

Dubbed ‘Boatin and Votin,’ the event is organized by Lakewood residents Greg Carr and Cindy Watson.

Watson says they were inspired by similar events nationwide.

“(We) have seen some of the boat parades around the United States and we got really excited about it and thought we would have one on the lake, and get the patriotism going for our President and law enforcement,” said Watson. “It worked out very well.”

Around 100 boats joined the parade, with hundreds lining the lake in support of the Commander-in-chief. Additionally, skydivers took part in the festivities.

Watson says her group sold 300 raffle tickets to offset costs associated with the skydivers and music DJ.

A pervious gathering also drew hundreds from the community to the waterway.



  1. Too bad there was not a storm to stop such misguided brain washed neo-Nazis parade. This buffoon has split our country in less than 1 term. He is insane…and follows Hitler and Putin. Learn from past history…God bless America.

    • Thanks Tim. I can’t understand how people can vote for someone who is so petty, vindictive, self serving and generally morally bankrupt. Christians need to stand up against this guy and vote for a true practicing Christian- Joe Biden. Patriots need to defend our democracy and vote against this autocrat wannabe currently in the White House.

  2. True Christian = “Sniffing” Joe Biden, …. are you serious…..??? Hilarious , real Christian men don’t go around sniffing lil’ girls…..

    Trump 2020 = a vote against the establishment, Biden has been in office for over 40yrs… What has he accomplished besides lining his family’s pockets with $$$$$$$$$$

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