Pro-Trump Road Cruise Takes Over Fairmount Avenue, County Roads

Image by Andrew Stevenson / WNY News Now.

WEST ELLICOTT — Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters took part in a road cruise on Saturday afternoon.

Image by Andrew Stevenson / WNY News Now.

Starting at the former K-Mart parking lot at noon, the parade continued west on Route 394 and back toward Jamestown on Route 430.

Organizers encouraged people to participate in their trucks, cars, motorcycles, classic cars or “anything street legal.”

Image by Andrew Stevenson / WNY News Now.

Participants decorated their vehicles with pro Trump signs, flags and bumper stickers.

“Support our president and support our essential workers from the Police, fire and volunteer departments along with everyone who has supported our country in a positive way,” organizers said.

Image by Andrew Stevenson / WNY News Now.

Previously, two recent pro Trump boat rallies were held on Chautauqua Lake drawing more than 100 watercraft and sky divers.



  1. 100’s of vehicles in the Parade to honor our President & Police Force

    1000’s of people were lining the roads throughout the journey of the parade, ALL in support, beeping their horns passing by, waving American Flags & Trump Flags, thumbs up, Smiling & waving from their homes….. Proud to be American !!!!

    Less than 20 AntiTrumpers…….

    Winning !!!!!

  2. Isn’t it funny how the anti-Trump people are always so negative, even NASTY at their fellow Americans for not FULLY agreeing with them.


  3. Loved every minute of the drive, we laughed at all the vulgar mouths, waved and honked horns with all the Trump supporters. And the support for our President Trump was way over the naysayers. I loved every bit of it.

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