Cuomo: Parents Will Keep Children Home If They Don’t Trust School Reporting

Image by the Office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo / Flickr.

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ALBANY – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says parents who don’t trust a school’s COVID reporting, or have schools not reporting, will likely keep their children home.

Cuomo, during his Tuesday briefing, announced a mandatory COVID-19 report card for all public schools in New York State.

When asked about the accuracy of reporting and what happens if school reporting lags, Cuomo said parents will contact the schools with concerns and will have their children stay home from schools they mistrust.

In New York City, testing is only optional until October, reporters pointed out.

“If it is optional, how many are doing it and why is my school not doing it,” Cuomo said. He said schools not complying with reporting or testing will deal with irate parents, teachers and the state government.

“The facts come first. If you say they said in the plan it’s (testing) not mandated, it’s optional, I guess a lot of schools are going to do it,” Cuomo said.

“Schools not testing, parents will keep kids home and contact the schools to ask why they’re not testing,” he said.

Not testing and accurately reporting create a worse scenario, Cuomo cautioned.

“The alternative is worse. Jonny is supposed to be at PS 35, but I don’t know if they’re testing, I don’t know if he should be going. Give me the facts rather than having me stew in uncertainty.”

Cuomo warned that the state will override schools if it sees a cluster of positive cases.

“If the state sees a cluster, we see a cluster in the schools, we’re going to come in and override everything. We’re not going to allow a cluster,” he said.

“There has to be public disclosure of the facts to inform parents of what risks they’re taking,” Cuomo cautioned. “They (schools) have to comply with the plans and I get that plans are just plans… this will tell you how the plan is being implemented.


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