New York State Set To Pay Lost Wages Benefits Starting Soon

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ALBANY – New York State has been approved to pay out the additional three weeks of Lost Wages Assistance program benefits.

So far, New York has paid out about $1.9 billion in those $300 per week LWA payments.

The second and last round of funds will be heading out to New Yorkers soon, which includes the retroactive payments for the weeks ending on Aug. 23, Aug. 30 and Sept. 6.

The State Department of Labor says about 2.3 million New Yorkers are eligible for the second round of LWA payments. Of those, about 2.1 million are pre-qualified. They will receive a text and an email saying so and won’t need to do anything else.

There’s about another 157,000 people who are eligible for one or more of the six weeks of LWA payments and have been sent an email alerting them to certify their benefits.

And there’s about 23,700 people who are eligible for one or more weeks of the last round of LWA payments who will get an email telling them to certify theirs.

People who are prequalified, and those who complete their certification for the second round of LWA by 5 p.m. Tuesday, should get their payments next week. If not, it’s on a “rolling basis.” That means their payments will be released as they certify. Once they’re certified, the payments will be released to their account the next business day.

So far, the state Department of Labor has paid out almost $45 billion in benefits since the start of the pandemic.


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