Reed: Police Have Video Of Campaign Office Vandalism

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CORNING — Investigators have a video of someone tossing a brick through the Corning campaign office of Congressman Tom Reed, Reed told WNYNews Now in response to a question at a Wednesday morning press conference.

“I believe we have been updated in regards that there was a video of the brick being thrown through the window,” Reed said. “Hopefully people will step forward and we are encouraging the community to come forward.”

Reed said perpetrators of such types of crimes often brag to friends. He said if anyone has been bragging about the crime, he asks people to come forward and report this to police.

“We want justice to be done,” Reed said.

“This is getting out of control and this is something we should stand up to,” Reed said.

He vowed to fight extremism and said what is most unsettling is the vandalism happened only blocks from his home.

The office was vandalized sometime overnight on August 26.

A four-term Congressman, Reed is seeking reelection and faces Democrat Tracy Mitrano, whom he defeated in 2018.


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