Reed’s Campaign Office Vandalism Remains A Political Football

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CORNING — With police continuing their investigation into the vandalism at Congressman Tom Reed’s Corning campaign office, the attack is stirring emotions from Reed’s campaign and that of his opponent, Tracy Mitrano.

Reed’s campaign sent WNY News Now a video clip in which Mitrano appears to claim Reed may have set up the attack on his own office.

The partial video clip shows Mitrano at a speaking event in which she says “and he (Reed) can maybe even have someone throw a brick.”

In response to the accusations, Mitrano’s campaign responded that Reed is speculating on who vandalized his office and has no idea who did.

“Tom Reed has a long record of fabricating false political attacks, like today’s clip and release, to hold onto his power. He has become the worst kind of Washington politician, someone who claims to be working for us when he has actually turned his back on us,” she said in a statement.

“Reed has said the broken window was a politically motivated attack carried out by a “radical extremist” who supports Tracy. Given the ongoing investigation, Reed’s statement is baseless. He has been speculating about who did this since Day one. The reality is we do not know who threw the brick, nor does Tom Reed. The individual should come forward and be brought to justice,” Mitrano Campaign spokesperson Claudia Wheatley said.

Reed Spokesman Matt Coker said in a press release “While officers are working hard to bring the perpetrator to justice, Tracy is hurling silly and baseless accusations in an attempt to undermine the police’s investigation and deflect from the fact that this was a politically motivated attack carried out by a radical extremist of her political stripes,” Coker said.

At the time of the attack, Reed blamed extremists and vowed to fight extremism. He praised the Corning Police Department for investigating the crime and said he will always support law enforcement.

Mitrano responded to WNY News Now by saying she has great respect for law enforcement and the sacrifices they make.

Wheatley said “The insinuation the Reed campaign is making that Tracy does not respect law enforcement is false. Tracy has seen firsthand the sacrifices they make to keep our families safe. Tracy comes from a family with a law enforcement and military background, two of her step-sons in this district are Deputy Sheriffs. She has great respect for their service to our community.”

“Tracy continues to monitor the ongoing investigation by Corning Police and hopes that the individual who damaged Reed’s campaign office is brought to justice. Property damage and violence in any form is unacceptable,” Wheatley said.


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