Governor Announces Adjustments To COVID-19 Hot Spot Restrictions

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ALBANY – Governor Andrew Cuomo says that he is adjusting restrictions for COVID-19 hot spots statewide.

Cuomo’s announcement came during his Wednesday morning press briefing.

The Governor says that, to exit a red zone, an area needs to have an infection rate less than three percent after 10 days (Four percent in less populated areas).

An orange exit zone would require a less than two percent infection rate after 10 days (Three percent in less populated areas), and a yellow zone exit would require an infection rate under 1.5 percent after 10 days (Two percent in less populated areas).

“How does a cluster form?,” Cuomo asked.

Cuomo says the following questions would also need to be considered:

  • Are new hospitalizations trending downward?
  • Are new cases coming from a new source (i.e. congregate facility)?
  • Has local government undertaken increased and effective compliance enforcement actions?
  • Is the community cooperating?

The Governor says that the New York counties along the Pennsylvania border have seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases.


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