Reed Touts Voting, Condemns Flag Burning While At Chautauqua Mall

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

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LAKEWOOD — During a Friday morning visit to Chautauqua Mall to look at early voting and to thank Board of Election workers, Congressman Tom Reed took time to chastise intimidation he witnessed first hand at a stop in Ithaca.

Reed said his attempt to meet with Ithaca’s Democratic Mayor Svante Myrick was met with a locked door and a protestor burning the American Flag.

There were acts of intimidation including screaming, yelling and profanities from area protestors, Reed said.

“The mayor actually locked the door when I was trying to meet with him,” Reeds said.

“We had an individual burn the flag on the steps of city hall and I realize they have a right to do that and I have a right to condemn that,” Reed said.

Reed said voter enthusiasm is very high this year and he wants people to vote to ensure their voice is heard.

Because of COVID-19, Reed said he wants to make sure people know how to vote, where to vote and how the process works.

“The process is very much just like voting on election day,” Reed, who voted early himself, said.

“It’s a paper ballot. It guarantees your vote is accurately counted and people should not be afraid of it,” he said.

Democracy works best with informed voters who participate, he said.



  1. Has anyone confirmed he had an appointment with Ithaca’s mayor? This story sounds like a political stunt. Was there really a flag burning or are we just taking his word for it? In fact this story reads like a political ad. This does not appear to be an impartial report.

    • Reed did not have an appointment with Mayor Myrick. City Hall has been closed to walk-in business since March 16. There are plenty of American flags throughout the building. This was a purely political stunt.

  2. His ad with a brick for a prop popped up in no time. Almost like his team knew about it ahead of time, and was able to script and shoot a commercial based on that advance knowledge…

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