Jamestown Looking To Manage Urban Deer Population With Archery Hunting

Image by Rory Pollaro/WNYNewsNow.

JAMESTOWN – Urban deer have become quite the nuisance for those living in Jamestown, and now, city leaders are considering implementing an archery hunting program to manage the growing population.

Jamestown’s City Council is expected to hash-out the idea of authorizing a deer management system, where archery hunters could help reduce the animal’s urban population.

Specifically, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation would authorize licensed volunteer hunters a special permit to hunt deer and coyotes.

The program would run from November 1 to December 22 with hunting limited to bow and arrow with shots taken 20 yards or less from buildings.

Hunting would take at Jones Memorial Park, Bergman Park, Chadakoin Park and Allen Park; with signs posted to warn the public of the activity.

Hunters would take deer to designated processing sites and any processed meat not reserved by the hunter would be donated to a local food pantry.

The council is scheduled to discuss the program during Monday’s 7:30 p.m. work session.



  1. I would be interested in being considered for this program. Granted it is now 11/16, but there are still several days remaining, and I still have my doe tags, if that matters. Is there a procedure for applying, and if so, what is it?

    • HI Jake, I have been asking for a long time about being able to harvest some of the city deer herd but have been turned down every time. I am sure some city officials have all their buddies setup already. But you never know I would like to be on the list also.

  2. What? Did they decide to toss coyotes into the mix as an afterthought?
    Can’t seem to make up their minds whether to let coyotes be the predators they were designed to be, and help to limit deer numbers. Oh, right…they’re “sustainable”! And coyotes don’t pay hunting tag fees.
    If this should occur, there should be NO BAITING.

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