Governor Continues Push For People To Stay Home During Holiday Season

NEW YORK STATE – New York’s Governor continues to stress the need for people to stay home and spend Thanksgiving with members of their own families.

Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a stern warning for the state during his daily update on Tuesday.

He says experts suggest COVID-19 infections to surge 20% during the holidays, bringing the state’s positivity rate to 12%.

Cuomo says Thanksgiving starts 37 days of activity that he’s very concerned about.

“After Thanksgiving, you go right to the Christmas season. Music changes, shopping everybody starts. And then that increased activity goes all the way through New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day,” Cuomo said.

He also pointed out that even the White House is encouraging people have small gatherings.


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  1. The Governor tells us not to celebrate with anyone outside of our household… yet he is celebrating with 2 of his daughters whom do not live with him & his mother, whom also does NOT live in his household…….

    Only one daughter is staying away , not because of precaution, but because of “other” plans…

    Rules for thee, BUT NOT FOR ME

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