Pfizer, Moderna Could Get $32 Billion In Vaccine Sales Next Year Alone

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NEW YORK – The companies that have developed Coronavirus vaccines stand to make record-breaking sales in the coming months.

Wall Street analysts project Pfizer and Moderna will generate $32 billion in vaccine revenue next year alone.

The companies will also likely profit from a boost in public good-will for helping end the pandemic.

That publicity will be especially valuable for Moderna, a relatively new biotech company a lot of people hadn’t heard of before 2020.

Morgan Stanley Projects Pfizer will make $19 billion in Coronavirus vaccine revenue in 2021.

Pfizer will split that revenue with Biontech, the German company it partnered with to develop the vaccine.

An FDA advisory panel recommended Thursday that the agency grant emergency use authorization to the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine.


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  1. “public good-will”- That is their job…. ($32 billion in vaccine revenue next year alone)

    If it was really good will, then they would do it without a paycheck, like most Americans aren’t receiving….

    (except those whom work for BIG BOX STORES…. & the GOVERNMENT)

    It must be nice to have to power to lock down the world, close mom & pop businesses (some for good) hold everyone prisoner in their homes, at the same time blaming the people for all the problems, …..


    You go on vacation out of state, get your hair done, have dinner at $800 a plate restaurants, try to get your boat on the lake…. All while NO ONE ELSE is allowed…..

    Oh… and never miss a paycheck either…. Well, you might even profit from this Great Reset

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