Congressman Reed: I’m Confident People Will Receive Checks Efficiently

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WASHINGTON – Several Americans throughout the country reported that they did not receive a $1,200 stimulus check earlier this year despite the fact they appeared to be eligible.

Congressman Tom Reed said during his weekly teleconference Thursday morning that Congress is inching closer to an agreement on a $600 direct payment to Americans as part of another stimulus package.

With all of that in mind, WNYNewsNow asked Reed how Congress can assure those who didn’t receive a check could receive one this time. He says that the first round of checks were delivered during what he says was a “learning curve” for the U.S. Government.

“I think this stimulus check round will have the benefit of all of that learning knowledge that the administration learned in executing on the delivery of these checks,” Reed said. “I’m confident that at the end of the day, these checks will get to the people who will ultimately be eligible to receive them and we will get through it in a very effective and a very efficient fashion.”

The Congressman says he acknowledges that the government “can have it’s moments of frustration,” but he believes that the delivery system will be much improved this time around.

“We want to get checks out to these people ASAP,” Reed said. “They’re relying on this relief. They need this money today and not be delayed with red tape.”

Reed says that Congress would determine who’d qualify for the checks during final discussions of the package.

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