Chautauqua Institution Planning In-Person Programing For Next Summer

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CHAUTAUQUA – The Chautauqua Institution has announced the organization plans to host some in-person programming during its 2021 summer season.

The Institution’s President, Michael E. Hill, says the approach was approved by the Institution’s Board of Trustees this month and will depend on further guidance and regulations from state, federal and local government officials.

“This working plan is the result of our team having spent the entire fall consulting experts, learning from the experience of industry colleagues, and observing and analyzing government regulations concerning entities with operations similar to Chautauqua’s,” said Hill in a statement. “We took those learnings alongside the evolving news but promise of vaccines, and crafted a series of informed assumptions about what we might encounter in June.”

Hill noted all Institution operations will meet — and in many cases exceed — federal, state and local regulations. Details of how these mandated policies and procedures will affect the patron experience will be shared as the season approaches, following more firm guidance from authorities.

At the moment, the Institution plans to use its open-air Amphitheater as its primary programming venue for all major programs, though it is anticipated patron capacity would need to be reduced to comply with guidelines.

A modified gate pass structure will help Chautauqua manage access to its venues, including the introduction of a long-term pass that does not include Amphitheater programming, at a substantially reduced price.

Holders of the new pass will be able to curate their own Chautauqua experience via purchase of single event tickets for any programs they wish to attend.

Ticket sales for long-term passes will begin in January. Day passes and single-event ticket sales are expected to begin in February and March.

Chautauqua’s 2020 program plans include in-house programs, pending health and safety regulations, and accommodating changes to conform to a reconfigured daily and weekly schedule. This includes daily ecumenical services, the two primary lecture series daily from the departments of Education and Religion, popular shows, theater and opera productions, Massey Organ concerts, master classes and enrichment courses, and performances by the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra and students of the Music School Festival Orchestra.

Other traditional Chautauqua programs may appear primarily on the digital platforms of CHQ Assembly, including some Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle author discussions.

Chautauqua’s Schools of Performing and Visual Arts will convene abridged and appropriately distanced training programs in dance, music and the visual arts.


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