Governor Cuomo Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Taskforce

ALBANY – Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York State is launching a COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Taskforce.

Cuomo says that the Task Force was assembled in an effort to ensure that communities who may be disadvantaged will still receive the necessary COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The Governor says that New York State is developing community vaccination kits, a self-contained unit that includes everything needed to set up a vaccination sites particularly in healthcare deserts. Cuomo says the deserts are communities that are “unreached by existing healthcare infrastructure.”

He says the deserts include black and brown communities, rural and poor communities, and residents of public housing residents.

The Governor says there are 24 members on the Task Force, including four co-chairs.

State Attorney General Leticia James is one of the co-chairs, according to the Governor.


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