Local Senator Says New York’s Eviction Moratorium Is “Deeply Flawed”

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JAMESTOWN – A local New York State Senator is speaking out about the recently passed freeze on evictions and certain foreclosures statewide.

New York State Senator George Borrello, who represents Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, and portions of Livingston Counties, says the new moratorium is deeply flawed.

In a statement released following the passing of the bill, Borrello says the legislation will cause further financial damage by denying revenue to property owners without even requiring a tenant to provide some kind of proof of financial difficulty.

“There is no means testing or effort made to identify those truly suffering hardship,” said Borrello. “In addition, it further punishes so many small business owners who may themselves lose their property and livelihoods from the loss of critically needed revenue.”

Under the moratorium, New York will freeze evictions and certain foreclosures for two months.

Renters who are facing pending evictions or who face evictions in the next 30 days would be protected from eviction for at least 60 days.

The law would also suspend evictions until May 1 for anyone who submits signed paperwork stating they’ve faced hardship amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The legislation would also make it harder for banks to foreclose on smaller landlords who say they are facing similar hardships.

The Senator instead supported a amendment that would requiring a tenant to meet a hardship income threshold, similar to what is in place in California.

“This balanced approach, which does not harm one group to benefit another, was quickly rejected in favor of the politically motived and unfair bill that passed,” furthered Borrello. “The Governor and the Democratic majority in the Legislature have failed to provide any support for our struggling small businesses and the families they support. So many property owners across the state are struggling. This legislation will devastate them. Where is the relief for small business owners? Why not do as other states have done and hold harmless business for the coming massive increases in unemployment insurance costs?”

In the end Borrello says lawmakers must limit the Governor’s emergency powers, which he has used to unfairly close businesses and drive more people from our state, all without flattening the curve.


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