Reed Calls For Trump To Face Justice, Believes He Shouldn’t Be Impeached

WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed is calling for President Donald Trump to face justice following last week’s violence at the U.S. Capitol, yet, believes the leader shouldn’t be impeached.

In an op-ed published in the New York Times on Monday, the Republican says there is inadequate time to reasonably investigate, present and debate articles of impeachment against the President.

“All responsible parties, including President Trump, must face justice. Yet, the manner in which President Trump and others are held accountable is a difficult question that demands more scrutiny,” said Reed. “If our leaders make the wrong decision in how to hold him accountable, it could damage the integrity of our system of justice, further fan the flames of division, and disillusion millions of Americans ─ all while failing to accomplish anything.”

The Representative says while the president’s words were unwise, intemperate and wrong, they may not qualify as incitement.

He says the House’s article of impeachment a “Incitement of Insurrection” is an impeachable offense.

“A snap impeachment will undoubtedly fuel the divisions between our citizens at a time when the wounds of Jan. 6 are still raw,” Reed furthered. “With the start of a new administration and a new Congress, there is a real opportunity to build bridges and unite the American people around our shared values.”

Reed says a “too-quick” impeachment will not suddenly change the minds of millions of Americans who still do not recognize the election of President-elect Biden as legitimate.

He believes rushed proceedings will be seen as validating the view that impeachment is part of a multiyear campaign to delegitimize Mr. Trump’s 2016 election.

Democratic lawmakers in the House of Representatives introduced a single charge of impeachment on Monday against the President.

The Democratic-controlled House is expected to take up the matter Wednesday after calling on Vice President Mike Pence to start the U.S. Constitution’s 25th Amendment process of removing Trump from office.

That resolution is expected to pass, but Pence is unlikely to act.

Read the full op-ed by clicking here.



  1. Where was Tom Reed during all the summer protest? There are 100’s of his colleagues calling them peaceful as literally cops were being attacked, police vehicles were being set on fire, businesses broken into , burned down.

    Where were you then TOM REED?

    I personally don’t know anyone whom will ever vote Republican again….. YOU ARE SWAMP

    Remember, dictators don’t get censored, Dictators are the ones who do the censoring.

    Currently Amazon is petitioning for a Pentagon Defense Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract. Do we really want Amazon to have this much power?

  2. Trump SHOULD ALSO BE CHARGED for ALL the foreign wars he put us into…. WWIII,

    Trump was definitely against bringing Our Troops Home… He kept saying it,

    and all that Peace in the Middle East… Who would want that??

    Send all our children out for foreign wars, Congress & the Senate are our RULERS

  3. “Could damage the integrity of our system of justice” what a crock of Bullshit, Trump has damaged our system of Democracy, an attempted coup, Capital insurrection. None of that matters? He belongs in our Justice system as an inmate. Trump paid 750 dollars in taxes for two out of twelve years, I pay more income taxes in a year than he paid for in twelve years and he put his name on the stimulus check, what a joke. It cost approx. 6.4 million a year for his golfing trips, it cost $650 per night per person with him for a room at his golf courses on his golf trips, now do you understand why he doesn’t want to step down?

  4. I am glad we can ALL finally agree, that Rioting is wrong, where were you all summer?

    Glad your finally aboard,

  5. Republican Rep. Tom Reed in an op/ed published Monday evening in The New York Times backed censuring President Donald Trump over impeaching him during his final days in office.

    But Reed, a lawmaker from New York’s Southern Tier region, also opened the door to barring Trump from holding federal office again in the future.

    “Such options include censure, criminal proceedings and actions under the 14th Amendment, after a complete and thorough investigation into the events leading up to the assault on the Capitol,” Reed wrote in the op/ed. “I intend to join with my House colleagues in the introduction of a censure resolution Tuesday to ensure accountability occurs without delay for the events of Jan. 6. We must also look at alternatives that could allow Congress to bar Mr. Trump from holding federal office in the future.”

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